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“Christian Service Rays of Love”

With each of my actions, I showed that we have to work hard
to help the weak, remembering the words of Jesus Christ:
“The real happiness is to give, not to take.”

Acts 20:35

About us

We are a team of Christians who have experienced the love of God and realized that only it brings true joy and peace! That is why we want the people who live near us to feel this love as well.

The Ray of Love team serves families, military personnel, families with many children, relatives who have children with disabilities, and families who have found themselves in difficult life circumstances. We are convinced that our Christian life should be confirmed by deeds!

Ray of Love

What we do

We want to share our projects with you.

To families of servicemen

  1. Military equipment.
  2. Humanitarian aid to families.
  3. Physical assistance

Large families

  1. Improvement of life
  2. Humanitarian aid

Families who got into difficult life circumstances

1.To help physically get out of the status of difficult life circumstances

2.Humanitarian aid

Families with children with disabilities

  1. Integration of children into society
  2. Physical assistance to families
  3. Humanitarian aid

Ray of Love
Ray of Love
Ray of Love

The Christian ministry of the Ray of Love exists solely through voluntary donations. When the Lord encourages you to support one of the projects, we are glad that you saw the importance of this ministry.