Ray of Love – The Christian Ministry

With each of my actions, I showed that we have to work hard
to help the weak, remembering the words of Jesus Christ:
“The real happiness is to give, not to take.”

Acts 20:35
Ray of Love

About us

We are a team of Christians who have experienced the love of God and realized that only it brings true joy and peace! That is why we want the people who live near us to feel this love as well.

The Ray of Love team serves families with children with disabilities and families in difficult life circumstances. We are convinced that our Christian life must be confirmed by deeds!

What we do

We want to share our projects with you.

Not just in words

Our main goal is that through social assistance to families in need and in difficult circumstances, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is revealed to them in practice, through our care for them.


Summer is a wonderful and hot time when children want to forget about all their lessons and homework, and parents want to enjoy long summer days and warm evenings. The camp is the best place to put it all into practice.

You are special

Our vision: to proclaim the biblical view of disability. new opportunities for people with disabilities. Practically promote the social and spiritual development of people with disabilities and their families, promote integration into society!

Construction of the center

The center will be used for:

– Conducting camps.
– Social work in our area.
– As a place for training and rest of ministers.

Our statistics

We see the Lord leading us with His hand, and it is a great blessing for us that the Lord is using us on earth to preach the Gospel.


Number of issued food kits


Number of people who received food kits

Ray of Love
Ray of Love
Ray of Love

The Christian ministry of the Ray of Love exists solely through voluntary donations. When the Lord encourages you to support one of the projects, we are glad that you saw the importance of this ministry.