Projects and program

Ray of Love

Assistance to churches in social service

Бачення : Ми хочемо бути променем Божої любові до людей які побиті гріховним життям, і запалити членів церкви до служіння Богові. Бути підтримкою для церков які не мають можливості проводити зустрічі з дітьми та людьми тієї місцевості. Запалити членів церкви служити людям які живуть в їхній місцевості.

Our steps:

1. Holding a meeting for children in churches for 2 days in the summer, providing food kits for families in need of food.

2. To be a bridge between the church and the people who live near the church.

3. Team training

4. Look for opportunities to cover 50% of the costs of the project.

5. Team preparation and program preparation

Responsibilities from the church:

1. After the meeting, Sunday school with children, or spiritual work with people, must begin, and have a person who will take responsibility.

2. The team should include local church members who are not observed or excommunicated.

3. The church covers 50% of the costs of the project. (there will be a personal approach for each church)

4. The most important thing is that the church has a desire to serve the people and is ready for change.

Construction of the center

Ray of Love

A place for training and rest of ministers.

We want to serve ministers and their families, their church teams in planning church services, to spend time together in prayer and Bible reading, to be both together and in silence, alone. We consider it a priority to serve the minister so that he can recover, be alone with God in silence, at least a few days for spiritual reinforcement and reloading. And also to offer options of quiet and active rest – they will be able to go fishing, to a sauna, to visit a museum of precious stones and many other interesting historical locations of our area.

Since most ministers work in a variety of routine jobs to provide for the family and care for the church, to prepare healthy spiritual food, and in order to do so, the minister must be spiritually healthy himself.

We want to provide the opportunity to be from 1-3 days on vacation, the cost of which will be agreed as a voluntary donation.

Join in the construction of the Relief Center for ministers, and thus join in the great work of caring for faithful and exhausted ministers.


Construction of a social center

For the last three years we have been engaged in social service, primarily helping:

– Families with children with disabilities;

– Families in difficult life circumstances (SJO).

We are convinced that today social service is one of the most important and first services for a Christian. This is when we touch the family not only in word but also in deed. The main purpose of this is to convey the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have started to build a charity center that will be a support for such families, and for the ministers of the blessing of rest as a good tool for recovery. We also plan to help people in the SJO with clothes, food, provide other social services, prepare social dinners. Our hearts are open to such families, so this center, which is being built, will also be open to the needs of people living in our area. We are happy to have dedicated ourselves fully to this ministry for the sake of Jesus Christ, to serve the various needy and needy people. I want to share with you an idea that recently touched my heart – “Preach Christ constantly, sometimes when necessary, use words.” We ask you to support the construction of the charity center and thus invest a part of your heart in this ministry.

Ray of Love

Conducting Camps

The camp is a good resource for the achievements of children, adolescents and young people. I heard the gospel when I was 12 years old. The sown Word of God sprouted and in 6 years bore fruit. I am convinced from my own experience that this is the best time to be closer to teenagers, to be able to listen, understand, advise. This is a wonderful time to be around, to be a good example, to be influenced by the Word of God … All this requires a place for regular meetings. Such a place can be a charity center, where there will be a day camp with the opportunity to stay overnight. On the territory of the camp, near the lake, it is planned to build football and volleyball fields for sports and other activities.

The Christian ministry of the Ray of Love exists solely through voluntary donations. When the Lord encourages you to support one of the projects, we are glad that you saw the importance of this ministry.